What is the label ?

The label represents, distinguishes, shows who and what you are, and shows your place in the world…

It’s like getting dressed for a party or the theatre: ladies put on a fancy dress with accessories, while gentlemen wear an elegant suit with a watch, tie and hat.

A wedding, a garden party, hunting. All require a different appearance with the corresponding image.

And just like in clothing, the paper, colours, fonts, label type and various surface enhancing features you choose must correspond to the quality and identity of your product. All of these features provide an image for your product, making it unique and special.

Of course, there are certain rules, restrictions and regulations on appearance, clearly defined in the Wine Act. Our graphic designers work bearing all of these in mind.

Well, a label means “only so much”!

Our staff provides all the assistance you may need, if you have any questions concerning the visualization, positioning and dimensioning of compulsory data.



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